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Explore Vocational & Trade Schools

Looking for a solid career without a four-year degree? Learn marketable, hands-on skills from one of today’s fully accredited online vocational and trade schools. Find programs in medical assisting, radiology, criminal justice and more.

Considering Graduate School?

A master’s or doctorate can help promotion seekers get noticed and job candidates get hired. In addition to increased knowledge and skill, graduate degrees signify hard work and commitment. Browse advanced degree options or read our comprehensive online guide to graduate schools.

Quick Guide to Online Schools

Before exploring online schools, every potential student should read about and understand the basics of remote learning, financial aid, quality control and the institutions themselves. Let’s take a closer look at four critical elements that serve as the starting points for an online school decision.

Importance of Accreditation

The sheer volume of schools with online programs makes it easier for students to find distance-learning opportunities. However, it also makes it easier to find poor ones. When vetting online schools, selecting one with the right accreditation is absolutely critical. Learn how this educational stamp-of-approval impacts credit transfers, degree acceptance and, most importantly, employ-ability.